DAO Community Reserve
A DAO is essentially a programmable organization of people that form around a shared mission and fosters an emergent online community. They jointly control a crypto multi-signature wallet, ensuring that its objectives — decided by DAO members — are met. The governance of DAOs and their operations are written in smart contracts, consisting of automated if-then statements, making them transparent and auditable.
Anyone can take part in a DAO regardless of where they are. All that’s required is the staking of funds, which creates a great building block for interacting with a community. DAOs are not walled gardens and therefore their participants have intrinsic and extrinsic incentives to collaborate with other DAO communities to bolster each other's capabilities while sharing in the ownership and direction of each project. With no central party standing in the way, everyone is given a right to have a say about how something is or should be done.
NFT Dollar Platform allocates 30% of its NFTU tokens, to the DAO Community Reserve, this is to help facilitate and help the platform grow and blossom, since its backed to a stable coin, it must have sufficient equity at all times, so all NFTU users would have access to the DAO voting Platform, depending on the shares accumulated in the platform, users with the highest shares have the best chances in making and influencing the DAO Platform. These shares are calculated by the number of NFTU tokens you hold.
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