NFTU Pay would be the financial hub of NFTU Marketplace, it would be responsible for the some of the features highlighted below:
  • NFTU transactions are completed without the need of any intermediaries. Shorter redemption windows (NFTU can be redeemed for dollars within one business day) and cheaper costs are possible as a result of this.
  • Anyone who owns an Ethereum wallet can send or receive NFTU. All transactions on the Ethereum platform follow the ERC-20 standard and are governed by the rules of a smart contract. Transactions are free of human mistake thanks to this smart contract, and the system only does what it is meant to do.
  • NFTU is a cryptocurrency that can be traded on exchanges all around the world. It may be used as a proxy for understanding the worth of the dollar when compared to other digital assets because it is backed by the dollar.
  • The NFT Marketplace, NFTUM, will allow users to mint digital tokens in the marketplace, causing the token price to rise steadily.
  • NFTU is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist settlement of any sort of asset, including crypto, security, and asset tokens, as well as payments. NFTU can go anywhere, at any time, unlike fiat, which can only be used to settle deals during bank business hours.
  • NFTU is a programmable token based on the Ethereum blockchain that may participate in a wider global community of tokens, assisting in the creation of a stable worldwide platform for programmable money.
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